About Pixmaven

Pixmaven is a burgeoning web-based gallery, it's mission to showcase a variety of talents in a wide array of media, from new and unrepresented to established artists. It's space is dedicated to featuring all manner of visual and aural works by artists using traditional and digital media, as well as hosting guest curators and generating juried exhibitions.

Please send all inquiries about submissions and upcoming exhibits to admin@pixmaven.com.

Ms. Petra Häschen, curator and webmaster:
Ms. Häschen is a multi-media artist with interests that range from forensic science to snowboarding, from cats to cheese, from martyrs to melamine. She works with digital video, traditional and alternative photographic processes, collage, assemblage, paint, pastel, pencil, and whatever else she can lay her hands on. As an unrepresented artist, she found that desirable exhibition venues were difficult to find. "Tacking my images up in a café grows tiresome, so I thought, 'Why not start my own gallery?'," Ms. Häschen explains.

After humble beginnings (Spring 2001), the site is still expanding. "I hope that Pixmaven grows and evolves from a labor of love into a proper on-line gallery. I'm looking for submissions of all media as well as suggestions for new shows! Criticism, advice, and all commentary are welcome!"

To learn more about Pixmaven and Ms. Häschen or to offer commentary or criticism, please write to her at admin@pixmaven.com.

Ms Petra Hashen